Twin Flames : Cheating, Faithfulness & Jezebel Programming

Do you know your worth? Do you know how special and wonderful you are?

I watched this GREAT video that was on my recommended list on Youtube.  I recommend that all females (and males too) watch this video because this lady keeps-it-real and says so many things that maybe friends or family might be telling women but it hasn’t sunk in yet.

*sigh* Where to begin..


My fellow Americans have been so programmed and BRAINWASHED to be these lustful, overly sexual/hypersexual people and it is just UNNECESSARY and contributes to the spread of all of these STDS and disgusting diseases.  It’s because SEX IS EVERYWHERE you look – on the TV, in the music, in the advertisements, even the children’s shows have sexual stuff hidden in them, especially Disney movies, so that kids are all sexed up and become whores by the time they become adults.  It’s a lot going on and there’s no real sexual education taught to children/people in schools, so many people learn all the wrong things from pornography, which is a whole other source of destruction that I won’t get into right now.  My point is, is that so many people here in America settle for sex INSTEAD of love and this was a lesson that I had to learn as well.  I did not know until I met my twin flame darling that I could have sex with someone who truly was head over heels in love with me and vice versa, and have all the passion I’ve always fantasized and dreamed about within a committed relationship.  I want ONLY him.  So much of our society suffers when we choose sex over love and we don’t realize how lustfulness and the Jezebel mentality just destroys our self esteem and makes us so damn cynical.  The Jezebel mentality is what you see when you look at the Miley Cyruses, Beyonces, Nicki Minaj’s, Kardashians of the world.  The unhealthy OBSESSION of sex. I am not trying to come off as judgmental, but we Americans are programmed to be WHORES by seeing all of those celebrities/entertainers/pornography people on tv, just gyrating and shaking their flesh for everyone to see.  It’s pretty gross and it hypnotizes all of us, male and female and does messed up stuff to our brains.  It makes the boys/men lustful and makes them want to be disrespectful and treat women as whores and have sex with as many women as they can and treat women as OBJECTS and the women ACT and behave like whores and think it’s OKAY to be objects, so they don’t demand any respect.  It’s just a vicious, destructive cycle and basically keeps people enslaved on the material, the superficial, the empty.

The only antidote to this destruction is LOVE. Self-love, self-respect, empathy, and the true love you experience when you find your twin flame.

I have been on SUCH a journey with this whole twin flame experience.  The “old” me was someone who was very immature, superficial, self-righteous, among other things and I’m happy to say that I’ve experienced a TON of growth over the last few years.  I’ve slowly come into a place of integrity, self-love, discipline and faith.  I still have a LONG way to go, mainly with the whole “trust” thing.  I have some trust issues and a lot of it stemmed from being badly hurt in the past by men who didn’t care about me, but also from a fear of abandonment that stemmed from childhood.  Through this twin flame experience I had to let a lot of that garbage go.  I had to realize “look, I’m NOT a child anymore, so I can’t blame my actions on my childhood anymore,” and I had to learn to take full responsibility for myself.  I’m still working on it, but I am in a MUCH better place than I was in the past.  Looking in the mirror and loving myself as I am, and being content and happy to spend time with myself and just enjoy my “self” is a lovely feeling. I never knew how important it was until I started working on my self-love.  Our society is also SOOOOO PROGRAMMED about “perfection” and the desire for perfection that it has become so damn superficial and I admit, even I get a little self-conscious sometimes when I see beautiful/hot girls on tv and instagram.  I am happy to say that those feelings are quick to pass though and I don’t dwell on them like I used to.  I also don’t “need” sex as much as I used to, though I am still a product of America and my sex drive is still high, but I am disciplined and I can control myself.

I can look in the mirror now, with all my imperfections, blemishes and scars and honestly say, “I’m beautiful” because my beauty is more than just looks – it’s in my personality, my intelligence, my quirks, the things that make me interesting, my talents, my goals, my hopes, my dreams.  I understand that I am special and there is NO ONE ELSE ON THIS PLANET who is like me.

In the past, I allowed people to walk all over me, to disrespect me, to be mean to me.  I am still learning to be more assertive and to be more powerful, but I am feel good about who I am becoming and I forgive myself for my mistakes.  I know it is all a process and I am happy with my progress.

This video talks about women who are in (or are supposedly in) a twin flame situation with men who are married.


I am thankful that I am not in such a situation and that my twin flame is available for me.  In the video she talks about how many women are willing to put up with their men cheating on them.  Like I mentioned, I am still working on trust with my twin flame, not because he has cheated but because of my own insecurities and fears.  Some people say “men always cheat,” and the majority of people believe that, but as a twin flame I have to DISAGREE and have faith in my twin flame that he will be faithful to me., just as I have been faithful to him.  In the video, she says “a man with integrity will not cheat,” and I agree with her.  I think that if I can remain faithful to my twin flame love for this long, even though I could EASILY go out and sleep with any number of people at any time, my twin flame can remain faithful too.  Being faithful is a CHOICE, just like cheating is a CHOICE.  No one holds a gun to a person’s head and makes them sleep with someone.

I know the trust issues I am working on manifest as my fears in some of what my twin flame does – for example when he looks at another woman or has pictures of women’s butts on his phone.  I know I should let these things go, because they are part of my fears, but it has been REALLY hard for me.  So, what I’ve started to do to combat these fears and release these insecurities is to put up posters of sexy men in my room, on my computer screen background and on my phone.  That way it is fair and equal.  It may sound SO silly to some, but it was really something that I wrestled with.  I know I’m not the ONLY female on Earth that my twin flame will look at and it’s unrealistic to think he should only look at ME.  Still I would get jealous sometimes, but as my self-love grows, my insecurities shrink and my jealousy fades.  Besides, there is nothing SEXIER than someone who is confident and I want to show my confidence to my twin flame and show that I trust him and have faith in him.

He can look at other females but NO TOUCHING.  I keep myself pure and untouched for him and I EXPECT the same from him.  We are twin flames and we are “beyond” the traditional relationship template BUT I still expect wholeheartedly and 100% faithfulness on his part.  I know he would be DEVASTATED if I were to be with someone else behind his back, and so would I if he did something behind my back.  He has always been very open and honest with me, so I will work on trusting him more.  He remains chaste for me and I feel proud of myself for remaining chaste for him, even when we don’t see each other for months and months.  He is my true love, my one and only love. ❤


Love Yourself, Respect Yourself & Never Settle for Less Than What You Are Worth!!!


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