*UPDATE* The False Twin Flame

Recent events have brought me to the profound realization that the person I thought was my twin flame, the person who brought me to the depths of despair and helped push me to my spiritual & emotional growth was my FALSE twin. Though I honestly think there was a tiny piece of genuine love at… Continue reading *UPDATE* The False Twin Flame

Rose Quartz for Love ❤️

I’ve dated here & there but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m doing it wrong.. LOL.. So I’m giving dating a break and just focusing on attracting love in general in my life. Not necessarily romantic love but just LOVE. I purchased various crystals, particularly the rose quartz which is for love & healing… Continue reading Rose Quartz for Love ❤️


Personally I feel like cats are connected to the spiritual world somehow. Ever since I was attacked, I’ve allowed my cats to sleep with me and I honestly feel like they protect me. One attack I had a while back my black cat was there and she kept me safe as it was happening and… Continue reading Cats