Twin Flames in the Movies

There is a scene in the movie Jerry Maguire in which Jerry’s cold, career-driven fiancee Avery is saying how she is not the stereotypical feminine female, in fact she is not sensitive at all. She says, “Jerry, there is a “sensitivity” thing that some people have. I don’t have it. I don’t cry at movies.… Continue reading Twin Flames in the Movies

Twin Flames : House Party Dream

I am in a good mood because it’s FRIDAY and we are throwing a Halloween bash for the children and the neighborhood children tonight and it should be pretty exciting.  I am just happy this week is over and I am ready for November.  I am feeling that holiday feeling, I can’t describe it, it’s… Continue reading Twin Flames : House Party Dream

The End of October’s Funk Fog & Twin Flame Thoughts

I’m still not exactly sure what was going on in October; I was mostly irritated, angry, bitter and feeling pretty negative and hopeless for much of it.  I am happy to say that it seems that I am coming out of my “FUNK” or negativity fog or whatever phase or cycle I was in and… Continue reading The End of October’s Funk Fog & Twin Flame Thoughts

Twin Flame : Birth Chart Compatibility I don’t care what anyone says about this topic – if you suspect you are dating your twin flame or if you have any interest in pursuing a long term relationship with someone you MUST run a birthchart compatibility check on them.  Some people may think this is a little obsessive or that astrology… Continue reading Twin Flame : Birth Chart Compatibility

The Twin Flame Saga : Cryptic Dreams and The Workaholic

I spoke to God last night. I did not beg or whine, I just talked about my frustration with not knowing how my twin flame is doing and not knowing where we stand or where we are going as far as our relationship.  I’ve prayed and vented and spoken to the Lord over and over… Continue reading The Twin Flame Saga : Cryptic Dreams and The Workaholic

Twin Flames: Staying in the ‘Love Zone’

It has been REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY difficult for me this month. My numerology horoscope warned me that a lot of things would get on my last damn nerve this month and ohhh how right it has been.  I consider myself pretty laid back but MAN this month people have been pissing me off. As a result, I’ve… Continue reading Twin Flames: Staying in the ‘Love Zone’

Twin Flames : Between the Sheets

I miss my twin flame love. It has been a long time since we have seen each other.  We are reaching the threshold of when we need to be in physical contact again.  There is only so much time that can pass before he can’t stand it anymore and has to come back to me.… Continue reading Twin Flames : Between the Sheets