Last night my twin flame’s MOTHER was in my dream last night… Very weird.. and random.. I don’t know what it means, but I wanted to write it down to keep it on record.  I was consoling her and holding her face in my hands lovingly. I don’t have a close relationship with her AT… Continue reading Thoughts

Hope for the New Year:)

I had a rough few days but I’m feeling better and I’m feeling more optimistic about the situation with my twin flame love.  He’s going through his own stuff right now, just as I have been and I have been left with no other choice but to WORK ON MYSELF. It has become crystal clear… Continue reading Hope for the New Year:)

Twin Flame: Funny Dreams

I did not have a good day yesterday.. I learned something terrible and sad about one of our families, I got in a fight with some a-hole on instagram, we got some annoying news from the assistant director and the whole day just had this negativity to it, with the exception of a few good… Continue reading Twin Flame: Funny Dreams

Twin Flame: Seattle Dream

I did a tarot reading on myself and my twin flame, just for a little more clarity on the situation with him and the feeling I got from the universe/God/spirit was like “C’MON, just let it go already!!! What’s meant to happen will happen.. Geez!!”  LOL!! While the readings totally made sense and made me… Continue reading Twin Flame: Seattle Dream

Notes: Vivid Dreams

I had some VERY vivid dreams last night/this morning.  Unfortunately by the time I woke up, I forgot most of what happened so I did not have a chance to write it down.  All I know is that the dreams were VERY detailed and movie-like.  My dreams have always been pretty vivid and detailed but… Continue reading Notes: Vivid Dreams