twin souls: changes

I prayed to God and spoke to the universe and my higher self that I want to be a vehicle for change. I’m ready. I want to share my love with the world. My heart is open. This isn’t to say that I’ll blind and “toss my pearls before swine” so to speak; I’m still… Continue reading twin souls: changes

Twin Flame Tarot: The Kissing Cards

I am waiting to see my love.. I really miss him, it’s been a long while. I’m getting better at this whole twin flame thing 🙂 I’m learning and growing. Thanks to some tough lessons I had to learn and Alison Lessard’s videos – check her out on Youtube. Her videos on twin flames help… Continue reading Twin Flame Tarot: The Kissing Cards

Twin Flames: Psychic Sex (Warning Explicit Content)

I’ve been feeling kind of emotionally flat lately. Not empty, just flat and dull. I miss my twin soul and I just hadn’t felt really “passionate” about much lately.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and content about what is happening in my life.  I just had not felt that ZEST for life that I’ve… Continue reading Twin Flames: Psychic Sex (Warning Explicit Content)

Twin Flame: Seattle Dream

I did a tarot reading on myself and my twin flame, just for a little more clarity on the situation with him and the feeling I got from the universe/God/spirit was like “C’MON, just let it go already!!! What’s meant to happen will happen.. Geez!!”  LOL!! While the readings totally made sense and made me… Continue reading Twin Flame: Seattle Dream

Notes: Vivid Dreams

I had some VERY vivid dreams last night/this morning.  Unfortunately by the time I woke up, I forgot most of what happened so I did not have a chance to write it down.  All I know is that the dreams were VERY detailed and movie-like.  My dreams have always been pretty vivid and detailed but… Continue reading Notes: Vivid Dreams

Open Heart & A Twin Flame Tarot

    I’m still feeling wounded and vulnerable from yesterday.  I told my twin flame I wanted to break up again and as always, I couldn’t sleep and spent the whole night fighting with him in my head, saying all the sh*t I want to say to him in person.  I was SO angry.  I… Continue reading Open Heart & A Twin Flame Tarot