Twin Flames & The Male Sex Cycle

I had a suspicion for a while now that it is a MYTH that men want sex CONSTANTLY, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every second of the day and that at any moment they’re ready to jump in the sack. I’ve learned from experience, ESPECIALLY with my twin flame that that is… Continue reading Twin Flames & The Male Sex Cycle

Gosh… I’m in Love

I’m feeling good today, even though its Monday and I still have a disgusting cold… it’s particularly gross this time, I won’t get into details. One of the things that comes with working with kids😷 Despite that, I’m happy because I saw my sweet darling twin flame love yesterday!!! I had been sending him emails… Continue reading Gosh… I’m in Love

twin souls: changes

I prayed to God and spoke to the universe and my higher self that I want to be a vehicle for change. I’m ready. I want to share my love with the world. My heart is open. This isn’t to say that I’ll blind and “toss my pearls before swine” so to speak; I’m still… Continue reading twin souls: changes

Twin Flames: Making Amends

I wrote to my sweet twin and explained to him about why I did what I did. I didn’t expect him to write back, I just wanted to get some things off of my chest about our twin flame situation. We haven’t talked, but I sensed that my words clarified some things for him. I… Continue reading Twin Flames: Making Amends

Twin Flame Theme Song: Flying Dreams

This song is from the soundtrack for “The Secret of NIMH” an excellent animated film from the 80’s. This song has always made me cry, even as a kid. It’s just so openly emotional. Now that I’ve met my twin flame, the words have so much personal meaning for me. I’m crying right now.. I… Continue reading Twin Flame Theme Song: Flying Dreams

Twin Flames : Changing My Mind

These days I am trying to be open to change in MYSELF, instead of worrying so much about my twin flame and other people.  As the quote says, “be the change you want to see in the world” so I am TRYING. Yesterday I had a marvelous “girl’s day” with my mom and my brother’s… Continue reading Twin Flames : Changing My Mind

Faith Restored

This weekend I dealt with DEEP and SERIOUS struggles within myself about this twin flame union.  It was just a lot of questioning and doubt and FEAR about my twin and what is going on between us and our future. Even last night/this morning I was still struggling with it, but today is a new… Continue reading Faith Restored

Kundalini Rising

Below is a video on the kundalini phenomenon.  Basically from what I’ve gathered, the term “kundalini” is the new age name for God energy or that life spark that activates our chakra system. I wrestled with a principality called the Ego last night.  I saw its shadow in my room lurking behind me last night.… Continue reading Kundalini Rising

Healing Work

This is a three day weekend for me, and it is something I have been looking forward to for a while – my job doesn’t have many breaks, we only get the weekends off and a few holidays sprinkled in here and there, so I am EXTREMELY grateful for an extra day off. I have… Continue reading Healing Work

Twin Flame Dream Link Continues

I wrote my twin soul and told him EVERYTHING about how I feel about him and some things I haven’t told him before. He came to see me on Monday during my lunch break. We’re broken up right now but the love/connection between us is as powerful as ever. I’m just going to leave him… Continue reading Twin Flame Dream Link Continues