Manifesting Abundance

I’m doing pretty well. I still have days where I get lonely or angry and sometimes I’ll send an angry text to my twin flame for his silence, but it has been less than in the past and I make sure to apologize afterward.  It has been tough not speaking to him for so long.… Continue reading Manifesting Abundance

Twin Flames: tenderhearted❤️

This guy named pocketsofthefuture on youtube is amazing. He’s been a great guide at this point in my spiritual journey. Check out his videos on cleansing spiritual “grossness” and heartful meditation. He talks about how things we perceive as ‘negative’ can actually work to “pull” negative patterns/ energy from us and that God puts challenges… Continue reading Twin Flames: tenderhearted❤️

Twin Flame Tarot: The Kissing Cards

I am waiting to see my love.. I really miss him, it’s been a long while. I’m getting better at this whole twin flame thing 🙂 I’m learning and growing. Thanks to some tough lessons I had to learn and Alison Lessard’s videos – check her out on Youtube. Her videos on twin flames help… Continue reading Twin Flame Tarot: The Kissing Cards