Exit Strategy

I’m completely done with dealing with evil, heartless and empty characters posing as human beings. Not everyone here is “human”, many are just background filler not worth our time & energy. There are VERY few real, authentic people left.

I’m thankful to have met a few and these people are as precious to me as I am to them. They recognize things are not normal here on earth and that it’s not a good situation we are trapped in.

It makes it worse when there are so many fakes and textbook sociopaths & psychopaths walking amongst us. It’s frustrating and they make it a real battle to stay optimistic when they’re constantly trying to break you. It makes you start to really hate people, but that’s what they want. Real people who have good hearts aren’t like that. The difficulty is seeing behind the masks fake people wear and avoiding them at all costs.

I’m hoping to learn as much as I can to be able to maneuver my way around this place successfully and stop being victim to the evil.

I’ve been reading about esoteric teachings and I’m going to start arming myself with this knowledge because I’m pissed and just sick of dealing with evil assholes. I want to be empowered. I want to be freed from this Matrix prison world and incarnate somewhere else in my next life. I’ve had enough of it here. I want to be around real people.

I’m planning my exit strategy and learning all I can so I don’t have to come back here when my life here is over. I want my soul to be free to explore what else is out there and be actually free and not imprisoned like we are in this reality.

I’ve had absolutely enough 😡

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