Twin Flames: Astral Sex

Astral Sex and the Psychic Sex Link –

I’ve read quite a bit about twin flames and what to expect when you’re in a “twin flame situation” as I call it. Before, I had experienced nearly all of the “symptoms” with the exception of the so-called “astral sex” that some articles were written about. Everything I’ve read mentions the INTENSE physical attraction between twin flames, which… Man.. I’ve been in relationships with good-looking sexy guys that I was attracted to sexually but MAN.. Never like my twin flame and I who barely made it into the bedroom/hotel room/back seat of the car before getting it on. I remember (he’d be SOOOO mad if he knew I was sharing this) my twin flame and I both half-undressed and he just pulled me on top of him and we would start going at it. We couldn’t wait. We couldn’t even finish getting undressed and he was just aching to have me, it was like he wanted me so much that he was almost in pain until he could have me. I remember him moaning and saying “I can’t wait I want you” and I felt the same way. I ached for him so badly, I still do. He presses ALL my buttons, lights my fire, makes me launch my rockets when no other man has been able to “down there.”

The “aching” runs hot and cold – it’s part of our birth chart compatibility. We get EXTREMELY turned on by each other but then other moments we repell the hell out of each other and are annoyed and turned off by each other. And it’s a good thing because.. Well I don’t want to share TMI so I’ll just say that we’d be parents by now if we didn’t have that repulsion thing in play, among other things (like his smoking) . Sounds gross but twin flame genitals just NEED to connect- like two puzzle pieces. It just feels so right, so natural. I think it has to do with chakras and the energy exchange involved in sex.

We can also go a long time without sex since we have twin flame separations from time to time and remain faithful, which is nice and acts as a spiritual and emotional purification.

Psychic Sex Link –

There have been moments where I’m alone, minding my own business and all of a sudden I start feeling all “hot and bothered” and I know it’s my twin flame. As much as our connection may scare him sometimes, theres NO denying the intense and delicious lovemaking we have together and I know he misses it just like I do. Even if he wanted to sleep with someone else, it just wouldn’t be the same as what he and I have. This psychic sex link thing has occurred a number of times and I had one dream that I remember clearly in which he and I were getting it on.

However the other day I finally experienced what I can only describe as a very lightweight astral sex experience. I was lying in bed, and next to my bed I have a framed picture of my twin flame love and I from Valentine’s Day. I was lying there, watching “Fringe” (how ironic) and all of a sudden I felt my twin flame floating above me. It was his physical energy, invisible but VERY thick, heavy, LOVING energy, just hovering above me and he floated down and it was very, very faintly electrical and I felt him wrap one arm around me ( like he holds me) and I felt him kissing me. I felt this overwhelming feeling of love and I knew it was him and I just took a deep breath and said “ohhhh baby, okay,” I just felt SO loved and I thought it was so sweet. It truly felt like his astral form had come to me. Then I felt my form and his begin to merge and I felt completely relaxed and joyful as his astral hands felt all over me. His astral form was both inside of me and all around me. It was one of the strangest AND sweetest things I’ve ever experienced. SOOOOOO MUCH weirdness has happened to me over the years, from ghosts to UFOs that I just take things in stride now and try not to get freaked out. Usually I just experience these weird things in a detached manner – I think its a defense mechanism to avoid freaking out.

Anyway, so that was my astral sex experience. That and the dream sex weren’t really “penetrative” and I prefer the “real deal” simply because as an Aquarius I spend most of my life in my head and making physical love brings me back to reality, keeps me grounded and keeps me out of my head and focused/in the moment. It’s wonderful with my sweet twin flame love.


❤ ❤ ❤



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