*UPDATE* The False Twin Flame

Recent events have brought me to the profound realization that the person I thought was my twin flame, the person who brought me to the depths of despair and helped push me to my spiritual & emotional growth was my FALSE twin. Though I honestly think there was a tiny piece of genuine love at the heart of the connection between he and I, I know now that he was clearly NOT the one for me, and showed all the signs of a false twin. This has been confirmed because I’m happy to announce that I finally met my TRUE twin flame ♥️

This entire journey has been INCREDIBLY painful. Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, I have been pushed to the very limits and came through on the other side with more knowledge, strength, depth, purpose, wisdom and through the grace of God my heart has been cleansed and purified.

The biggest help has been my faith in God and heartfulness meditation (look it up on YouTube) which helped to cleanse my heart from grossness, emotional baggage and unresolved pain.

I still have lots of work to do, this life is a journey. I’m doing well though. God is guiding me on my path and I ask and beg Him to remain with me at all times, to guide my path, my choices and my heart so I receive what is best for me.


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