Twin Flame: Vision-Dream

I did not really sleep much last night.. I have those nights sometimes.  I have insomnia a lot.  Sometimes it’s because of what I eat but most of the time it’s because my mind just won’t shut off and my brain has to think about EVERYTHING  when my body is trying to rest.  It’s annoying but I’ve gotten used to it.  I got this sleepy time tea that helps a lot, but I ran out of it, so insomnia is back.

Anyway, something REALLY weird happened when I was lying in bed last night and usually I would have just made a note of it and let it go, but it was sooo weird that I told myself I HAD to do a post on it, so here I am.

I was lying in bed, half awake, half asleep and then like a radio dial “tuning in” to a certain frequency my twin flame “appeared” in my mind and it was like a dream and a vision at the same time and he was talking to me.  He was wearing nothing but a towel…yum! ❤ and he was standing at a mirror.  I could not tell if it was my bathroom mirror at my apartment or his at his place, but he was clearly looking at me while he was shaving and he was talking to me, but I don’t know what he was saying.  It was very strange.  I was lying there, in the midst of it, totally aware but also in between sleep and wakefulness and I was like OMG!! MY BABY!! I’m seeing him!!!! lol So I’m not exactly sure what that was.. I’ve had “visions” before where I’ll see things in my mind as clear as day like a movie and it’s short, it only lasts a few seconds and sometimes what happens in the vision happens and sometimes it doesn’t.  This vision/dream thing was VERY real-feeling and detailed so HOPEFULLY it will happen soon.. I miss my sweet twin flame so much and the vision/dream thing felt so good whatever it was.  I truly feel like we were tuning into each other, so maybe he heard me last night when I was wondering if he misses me and that was his answer 🙂  I love him so much.

I highly recommend you check out Creative Numerology by Christine DeLorey.  She is AMAZING and I read her numerology horoscopes religiously.  Reading about your lifepath number and your twin flame’s will give you a TON of insight on what they might be going through in their lives ON TOP of the twin flame stuff.  In this life, we humans really are tested.. This is THE ULTIMATE GAME, this life.. It’s really hard but it can be more fun when you have glimpses of what’s going on behind the scenes and apparently you can help to shape and form your reality depending on your thoughts, whether they are positive or negative.  I did not realize how negative my thoughts were being towards my sweet love and the brain is POWERFUL.  I want positive thoughts towards him so I can have him in my life and wake up next to him every day for the rest of my life. If I were able to fulfill one desire in my life in this moment, it would be to spend the rest of my life with my twin flame by my side.  I want nothing else.

I’ve been working on my reality-creation/emotional state and I’ve been working on releasing my anger and resentment towards him.  I was reading an article on Creative Numerology and she was saying that it is perfectly healthy to have anger and hatred in our hearts and that as a society and as  human beings we need to ACCEPT these “negative” emotions and not just deny them, because when we deny them, we are lying to ourselves and these emotions manifest in destructive, unhealthy ways regardless.  We are seeing our inner hatred manifest in the world as racism, inequality, sexism and all sorts of horrible stuff.  It made me really think about my twin flame situation and I took a moment to accept myself, my emotions and my twin flame and his emotions and who he is, and remember how much I love him and how when we first met, I fell in love with him for who he was.  I have to accept him for who he is, and not try to make him  conform to what is expected in “normal” relationships.  I also have to keep my mind on positive thoughts to attract him back to me, so these are things I will be working on.

I have been having more psychic activity lately, I’m not sure what it means, but I’m hoping it will increase and strengthen the connection/link between my twin flame love and I.

He is my heart and we are connected mind, body and soul, for eternity.

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