Video: Twin Flame Runner

This video helped me a lot. I’m still going through stuff with my twin flame these days.. This experience is NOT easy, not at all.  I feel in my heart though that even though things may seem bad, the universe/God is doing his divine work and is working on my twin flame as well as me to help us get through this.  God has never left my side and I know he’s not about to leave me now.

I’m in my numerology 2 year which is all about “patience” and man.. I have blown a gasket or two when dealing with these issues.  It literally feels like your soul is STUCK and you can’t move while you’re in this year. You literally have to just WAIT for things to happen. It’s maddening.. I’ve had moments where I’ve flipped out, trying to escape.  But it’s no use 😦 This year has been kind of rough at times, but like I mentioned it’s a WAITING year.

I’m also FIGHTING to stay positive.  It is a FIGHT to do so in this type of world.. I feel myself begin to sink into depression at times and down in the murk is NOT a place I want to be.. Having to wait makes me depressed because I like to GO, GO, GO all the time and this year there have been DELAYS, POSTPONEMENTS, things have been cut-off so I can’t use them, there have been HUGE issues that I have had to learn to live with..

I’ve begun to start ‘going with the flow’ and relaxing into the 2 year.. When I feel like PUSHING, PUSHING, PUSHING, GO-GO-GO-GO, I go sit and read a book and it takes my mind off of my insecurities and fears.  Watching videos/TV takes my mind off of these feelings too and calms me down.  I have gotten a little better as time has gone on.

Regardless of what is happening in the world AND in my personal life, the main focus of my life needs to be my writing/being creative – when I am doing those things, I feel much more calm and focused and it alleviates that need to RUSH, RUSH, RUSH.

If you are curious about your numerology check out  It will give you insight into the ‘theme’ that you are experiencing in this leg of your journey on Earth and it makes things a little clearer and a little easier to manage, at least in my opinion.


Good luck and God bless!

❤ ❤ ❤

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