Missing my Love

The last two days have been a little hard.  I’ve stayed busy but I am still missing my love.  It has been more than four months since I have seen my twin flame 😦 I’ve been pretty happy without him HOWEVER I am ready to have him back in my life, I’ve BEEN ready.  I want him around, I need him around.  I know there are reasons for our separation, I just need to feel his touch and to smell his scent and taste his lips again.  Life is just not the same without him… My life is like a cake without icing; it is still very delicious and moist and worth eating but it is so much better with the icing that is the presence of my LOVE!! I want him back!!!! I sometimes feel/fear sometimes that we will argue and fight but it is worth all of that just to have him in my life.  We have both grown and changed so much and I want us to be able to grow together, alongside of each other.  One of the things we used to do was watch shows together – comedy shows in particular and we would just laugh and laugh.  I cherish those precious little moments that we’ve had.  Last night I was watching the show Key & Peele and it was HILARIOUS and I was cracking up and I just looked over at “his” side of the bed and I became a little sad. He should have been there with me.  It just feels so wrong that we are not together right now!  I printed out one of our “couple” pictures (we have two and I hold them VERY dear to my heart, they are saved on my computer AND my phone) and framed it in this “wedding-like” frame that I have – it’s pink and has silver flowers all over it, VERY girly –  It sits nearby my bed and so when I’m missing my twin flame love I look over at it and we look so happy in the picture that it brightens my spirit.  When he sees it he’ll probably tease me for it but I don’t care.. It brings me a lot of joy.

I know my twin flame and I will be together soon, maybe not for the rest of this year, but definitely in 2016.  I just feel it in my heart.  He always comes back to me eventually and I just feel in my heart that 2016 is going to be “MY YEAR” as far as accomplishing goals I have been working on for a while now and I feel in my heart that my twin flame will want to move in with me. I just feel in my heart that he will and that we will be physically and emotionally closer in 2016.  I will be entering my 2 year in numerology which means it will be a year of PATIENCE, sensitivity, relationship/partnership/team work and MARRIAGE can and often does occur in a 2 year (ooh la-la).  While I don’t expect we will get married in 2016 (hey anything can happen 😉 hehehe) I do feel that we will be in each other’s lives more and I’m hoping we can lean on each other and help each other to work on goals and such.  My twin flame and I are GREAT at putting our heads together and figuring out solutions when we put our egos aside and just focus on the goal.  We have gone on little adventures and totally worked together to get where we wanted to go with minimal fighting and we were able to look back on those moments very pleased with how well we worked together.  That is also one of the biggest positives of our birthchart compatibility.  One of the last times I saw my love, I worked with him on his resume and cover letter for a job interview and he knew to come to me for assistance because he knows I’ll go above and beyond for him when it comes to stuff like that (awww…just thinking about how he chose to ask me for help just warms my heart so much).. AND it was such a “couple” thing to do (I have to keep saying that because he claimed, “we aren’t a couple” when we were fighting a while back and he was having a twin flame mirror moment.  I said oh no, uh-uh you better take that little comment back RIGHT NOW because we ARE SUCH a couple and I showed him a very sweet text he sent me in the early stages of our twin flame bubble love phase when he was being a pure, sweet angel love and he said something along the lines of “you and I are connected mind body and soul” and it had made me just MELT and I sent him that text (because I had saved it in a screenshot) and all he could do was be silent and smile because he KNOWS WE ARE SUCH A COUPLE AND THAT WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IN LOVE.  He can’t deny it, even if he tries so hard to and wants to fight it so much.  Once my love and I were in Barnes and Nobles, having one of our lover’s quarrels as usual and this sweet little old lady asked me if my twin flame was my fiancee and my twin flame stopped being angry at me and said “awwwwwww” in the sweetest way. It was so cute…. I just get so lovey-dovey and there are practically hearts and stars floating all around me when I think of that moment.. *sigh*

So since I have been missing my love so very much, I decided to write him a letter which I will send out this week.  I don’t expect a response, he’s out in never-never land working his ass off and doing his thing.  However it makes ME feel good to send some loving words and thoughts his way.  I did torture myself a little by watching some romantic movies.. I can’t help it.. Sometimes I need to live vicariously through the characters…Watching them makes me feel hopeful that I’ll be able to have some romantic moments with my twin flame love soon..

Anyway, I am just looking forward to things to come.  I am feeling good and optimistic about life and I am looking forward to the holidays which I will enjoy and it would be a special treat if I am able to see my love during the holidays.  I will keep praying and hope that God will bless me with such a gift.  I’ll keep moving forward and enjoying the little things that make me live my life to the fullest 🙂

My twin flame knows my heart for he is in it always… and he never escapes my mind.. My dear twin flame, oh how I love him so…..

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