Finding Joy in the Small things is the Key to Happiness

Life is guaranteed to throw a big, nasty wrench in everything you’ve worked so hard for. People will break your heart, you’ll lose loved ones and things will go wrong. All these things can either break you or make you appreciate the joy in the small things. God has a plan for each and every… Continue reading Finding Joy in the Small things is the Key to Happiness

The Emancipation of the Heart

I’m officially free…. The frightened little boy I thought was my “twin” reached out to me yesterday and I didn’t even notice until this morning. I looked at his message and felt…absolutely NOTHING. I never knew how good it could feel to feel nothing for someone until now. All the heartache and bs he put… Continue reading The Emancipation of the Heart

Finding Love During the Apocalypse

I’ve come to accept that we really are in the last days. Pretty much everything but the Four Horsemen have arrived. Miles wide cracks in the earth, demonic possession, fire and brimstone falling from the sky, mass animal deaths and just about everything in bible prophecy has been appearing daily. And here I am, crying… Continue reading Finding Love During the Apocalypse

Love is an (inner) journey

I’ve since pulled back from Mr.Trainer. In the beginning I was warm and smiley with him but lately I’m just “regular”, no warmth, no smiles. Not exactly cold, just emotionless. I’m not even doing it purposely, it’s just he’s taken and I don’t have any motivation to let my “waters pour”‘over someone who has someone… Continue reading Love is an (inner) journey

Adventures in Tarot-stalking #2

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships lately and why people get into them in the first place. I think most people get into them for the wrong reasons – mainly SEX. All this leads to is heartbreak for everyone involved. It sucks. I’ve gotten into relationships for the wrong reasons as well – needing… Continue reading Adventures in Tarot-stalking #2

Adventures in Tarot-stalking

The last two weeks have been interesting, rather strange. Here we are in 2018. My twin still isn’t talking to me, which is fine because emotionally I’ve moved on. It’s funny because I don’t tarot-stalk him anymore, I just do random readings on him every once in a while, just out of curiosity. It’s annoying… Continue reading Adventures in Tarot-stalking