Twin Flame Tarot: The Kissing Cards

I am waiting to see my love.. I really miss him, it’s been a long while. I’m getting better at this whole twin flame thing 🙂 I’m learning and growing. Thanks to some tough lessons I had to learn and Alison Lessard’s videos – check her out on Youtube. Her videos on twin flames help… Continue reading Twin Flame Tarot: The Kissing Cards

The Twin Flame Separation & Feeling Suicidal

I just wanted to write about this very briefly for anyone who might be going through this in their lives right now.  There are points in our lives that we feel really down. Some may feel this way more than others.  If you are feeling depressed it could be that you have been “overthinking” things… Continue reading The Twin Flame Separation & Feeling Suicidal

Video: Twin Flame Runner

This video helped me a lot. I’m still going through stuff with my twin flame these days.. This experience is NOT easy, not at all.  I feel in my heart though that even though things may seem bad, the universe/God is doing his divine work and is working on my twin flame as well as… Continue reading Video: Twin Flame Runner

Love of Working (on Myself)

I’m full of joy in my heart these days.  Not because my life is anywhere near perfect (not at all *ahem*) but because I’m learning to appreciate the small things again.  With all the chaos, negativity and ABSOLUTE HORROR in the world, finding joy takes practice.  I’ve realized that as human beings, we aren’t guaranteed… Continue reading Love of Working (on Myself)

Twin Flames: Psychic Sex (Warning Explicit Content)

I’ve been feeling kind of emotionally flat lately. Not empty, just flat and dull. I miss my twin soul and I just hadn’t felt really “passionate” about much lately.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and content about what is happening in my life.  I just had not felt that ZEST for life that I’ve… Continue reading Twin Flames: Psychic Sex (Warning Explicit Content)


Last night my twin flame’s MOTHER was in my dream last night… Very weird.. and random.. I don’t know what it means, but I wanted to write it down to keep it on record.  I was consoling her and holding her face in my hands lovingly. I don’t have a close relationship with her AT… Continue reading Thoughts