I was told recently by a medium that I am surrounded by family members who have passed on – my dad, great aunts, great uncles, a grandpa, and others. They like to play tricks on me sometimes and have tried to scare me a number of times- they knock things off of shelves, open and close boxes, flush toilets, knock cups off of counters, etc.

I know it’s them because the mood or vibe of the room doesn’t change. They love me and mean no harm – they just think it’s hilarious. I’m just like ok, guys. Do your thing. I just ask that they don’t do it at night. I don’t get freaked out anymore like I did before I knew it was them, but it’s still a bit unsettling.

My great uncle just passed about a month ago and apparently he was cleaning my closet before that “thing” attacked me. I told my spirits hey maybe you guys could warn me next time, that would help a ton. LOL. I don’t know how it works in the spiritual world but I feel like they do protect me.

Knowing they love me enough to stay around me has really made me feel so much better about life and death and makes me feel loved and grateful to be alive. The medium said they’re not “stuck here” or trapped and that they hang around by choice. They love me and look out for me 😊


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