For the second night in a month I was attacked by entities. The first was an all-black humanoid creature that looked exactly like Venom from Spiderman – creepy eyes and all. The second one – I don’t know what it looked like but it was powerful enough to paralyze me for a few seconds.

The first creature attack, Venom, came about when I was sleeping- I was in an REM state and the dream was “off” it had a really creepy, unsettling vibe. That’s typically an indication that “something” is lurking around. Next thing I know, I’m half awake, half asleep and I see Venom crawling from behind a chair or something. It’s ONLY because I am intensely spiritual that I didn’t freak the f out. My reaction was like really dude? You’re so over the top with this. I mustered up my inner strength and “blasted” him with spiritual energy- this is a skill that can only be developed as you get closer to God and believe wholeheartedly in Jesus Christ. The thing fled and I was able to go back to sleep.

The second “thing” was a few nights ago. Similarly I was sleeping and in the middle of dreaming when I got that creepy feeling again.

I heard a rustling in my closet- “someone” was knocking around my clothes hangers in there. I knew it was one of my spirits and I wasn’t scared, I just figured they were fooling around with my stuff in there and so I nonchalantly went back to sleep.

Suddenly I couldn’t move or open my mouth, I was paralyzed and I was half awake, half asleep and all I could get out was moaning as my mouth was sealed shut by this creature. Once again- if I wasn’t such a spiritual person, I would’ve been absolutely terrified but instead I was absolutely and completely FURIOUS!! I was LIVID. In seconds I broke out of the paralysis and shouted “get out of here in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST” and that thing fled so fast you wouldn’t even believe it had even been there. I was pissed. How DARE he try to steal my energy?!?

I see these things as an extension of wildlife- they are animalistic parasites but are more astral in nature- like demons. They try to “creep you out” to scare you and then feed off of your fear. DON’T give it to them!! If you believe God loves you and protects you as I do, and you know your soul is safe with the Lord and you know with all of your heart that Jesus Christ is the savior of mankind and loves you, you will know you have NOTHING to fear. God has got you! Demons flee from Jesus Christ so speak in His name!! Believe in Him wholeheartedly because He is our savior. That’s why society tries to make fun of Him and make it seem like he’s not real because the powers that be want demons to run amok and wreak havoc on Earth. God loves us and hears our prayers. Every night since the last attack I have prayed and God has blessed me with pure and gentle sleep and when I awaken I feel like all is right with the world- that is ONLY due to the divine mercy of the Lord.

People are free to believe what they believe- but God and Jesus Christ have ALWAYS come through for me in a supernatural, paranormal, unexplainable and wonderful way and I love them with all of my heart and I will forever.


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