The Emancipation of the Heart

I’m officially free….

The frightened little boy I thought was my “twin” reached out to me yesterday and I didn’t even notice until this morning. I looked at his message and felt…absolutely NOTHING. I never knew how good it could feel to feel nothing for someone until now. All the heartache and bs he put me through, I’m over it and I have moved on completely. I will NEVER let someone treat me like that again.

I let mr trainer go as well and I’m pretty much over him as well. Most males are a waste of time. There aren’t many quality men out there anymore and that’s just another sign of the apocalypse. I’m just living my life. I’m not married with children? So WHAT. I’m not bitter, I’m happy. I’m free. I didn’t choose for my life to be the way it is, but I accept it as it is, it’s MY life, no one else’s. I’m not letting anymore vampires in my life to steal my joy.

Mr trainer, who has been in a few of my dreams- showed up in my dream the other night telling me he loves me and wants to marry me and that his gf is “moving back to the midwest” BOY, BYE.

Men are such time & energy wasters!!! No offense to the few decent men out there, I know there is a handful.

So for the first time since I’ve known him, I’m completely DONE with my “twin”. All the times he ignored me- now he gets to experience how that feels. I will NEVER speak to him again 😁

As for mr trainer, I’m not wasting anymore energy on him either. If he wants me, he will do what needs to be done, but I’m not really interested anymore anyway. There’s someone out there who is right for me and AVAILABLE. I’m continuing to work on myself and build a solid foundation in myself so when the right one does come along, I’ll be ready and not only will he be Mr. Right, I’ll be Mrs. Right 😀


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