Finding Love During the Apocalypse

I’ve come to accept that we really are in the last days. Pretty much everything but the Four Horsemen have arrived. Miles wide cracks in the earth, demonic possession, fire and brimstone falling from the sky, mass animal deaths and just about everything in bible prophecy has been appearing daily.

And here I am, crying about how I don’t have that special someone in my life LOL.

I feel like my life is the way it is for a reason and that I wasn’t made for everything that lead up to this, but for everything that happens AFTERWARDS. I have always felt uneasy and alien in this world. Human behavior has never made sense to me, and neither have so many of these social customs that I find stupid and pointless that everyone else places so much importance in. It has all felt FAKE for a long time, like we’ve all been sleepwalking through a dream.

I’m not off the grid- I still have to eat and pay my rent and have a semblance of “normalcy”, but not to come off as nihilistic but it all seems pointless as the world falls apart before our very eyes.

I will still wake up everyday with faith in God because my faith is LITERALLY the ONLY thing keeping me sane and strong at this point. With the Lord beside me, I’m good.

As for love, it’s pretty much forgotten and given up on for me at this point. I’m more focused on surviving and doing the things I love while I’m still breathing.

Hang on tight, it’s about to be a bumpy ride…. 2018 is nuts.

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