Twin Flames & The Male Sex Cycle

I had a suspicion for a while now that it is a MYTH that men want sex CONSTANTLY, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every second of the day and that at any moment they’re ready to jump in the sack.

I’ve learned from experience, ESPECIALLY with my twin flame that that is NOT true at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure most men THINK about sex a lot. But thinking and doing are two separate things. For one, sex takes a lot of effort- you gotta get someone willing to go to bed and secondly, you have to exert all the energy to f**k them.

Sex is a lot of work for men. It sounds funny but they’ll tell you- it’s physically exhausting! (Lots of fun though😊)

In my twin situation I have also seen that the over exaggerated male sex drive is a myth because as deeply in love as my twin and I are, he’s not always rearing to go. I think we do have different sex drives, which is part of it. But there’s also another factor to the equation that I’ve recently noticed: the male sex cycle.

I read that typically men want sex every 5 -7 days and women typically want sex every 10-14 days, due to hormonal levels, psychological factors, etc.

This seems to be true in my personal experience with my twin as well.

I just thought it was a fascinating topic and I wanted to share. It has been a few days and I hope my twin has reached the end of his cycle😘


Take care and God bless


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