Gosh… I’m in Love

I’m feeling good today, even though its Monday and I still have a disgusting cold… it’s particularly gross this time, I won’t get into details. One of the things that comes with working with kids😷

Despite that, I’m happy because I saw my sweet darling twin flame love yesterday!!! I had been sending him emails telling him whats been going on in my life and I sent him a link to our astrology compatibility and told him I wanted to give him his key back. He doesn’t officially live with me, but my place is his second home. He’s never lived with a girlfriend before, it’s a HUGE deal for him. I think he equates it to marriage. Me on the other hand, I’ve lived with a few boyfriends. Not good, I know, but it is what it is. It was a survival thing for me, I’ve lived on my own since 18 so I bounced around between roommates and boyfriends for most of my life.

All that emotional baggage was dragging behind me for YEARS and I didnt even realize. I didn’t want to accept it because I didn’t know to release it and let it go. So when I met my darling beloved, I ended up taking out a lot of it on him. Thanks to God and this twin flame situation, I have been releasing so much of that garbage and I can feel it in my heart. I feel lighter.

It was interesting- I had a dream last night and my twin was in it, but he was in another body and the theme of the dream was how he was still my twin but in a different lifetime. Same soul, different body. In the dream there was this scientist in the dream that believed ONLY in science logic and rationality. So we left him overnight in a haunted house LMAO. When we went to see him the next morning he was DRENCHED in sweat and had become a believer LOL. I think it was kind of like my twin love who was/is also VERY skeptical about anything spiritual/paranormal and after I sent him a bunch of paranormal videos and stuff I think he’s a believer too now. If you read our birth chart compatibility that I sent him, you can’t deny that we’re meant to be. I think him seeing that really opened his eyes too.

So I’m going to try my best to take things slow and CHILL THE EFF OUT. I love my baby so much. I read somewhere that twin flame couples can be like a mother-child relationship (male twins, please don’t get mad!!😊)

I definitely feel that in our situation and in my best friend’s situation too. My twin can be very fatherly too, though. He “checks” me sometimes LOL. And I’m just like “yes, papa”.

Seeing him yesterday gave me such a sense of peace that I took for granted before. As long as he’s in my life, I feel like I can face anything. As long as we are on good terms and together, it makes me feel so much happier, so much stronger. I’m going to give him space and keep using my heart as a walkie talkie when I miss him..

I love him so much😊

We “messed around” a little bit LOL I know it’s TMI but it had been SOOOO LONG. And afterward I caught him staring at me and he looked away all shyly.. It was really cute.. He really does love me… I don’t know why I doubted it so much before…


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