twin souls: changes

I prayed to God and spoke to the universe and my higher self that I want to be a vehicle for change. I’m ready. I want to share my love with the world. My heart is open. This isn’t to say that I’ll blind and “toss my pearls before swine” so to speak; I’m still cautious and discerning when it comes to people. I want to help people who genuinely want and need help. I want to create ripples of positivity in this world, to make this world a better place even in the smallest way. YES a lot of stuff is f$&¥ed up. But why not, ya know? Why not try to make things even the tiniest bit better? I’m not a SAINT by any means. I still have my asshole moments, but I feel myself changing, evolving and growing. I’m getting stronger, even though I still have moments where I get lonely and miss my twin and I feel weak. I made a pact with myself that I KEEP GOING no matter what. Until I breathe my last breath, I’m going to just keep getting up everyday, striving to get better, be better, do better. Make this world just a little better each day I’m alive.

My twin flame darling returned to me in a dream this week. He misses me, I can feel it. I’ve been “chasing”him a lot and I know I need to just leave him alone, so I’m going to. In the dream he was kissing me like he misses me SOOOOOO much. I really miss him. He was clearly visiting me, breaking through to get to me.

My sweet love😊

I’ve been doing some organizing around my apartment. I HATE clutter, and as I’ve gotten older I like things to be more tidy and organized. I’ve become a neat freak😆 I’m going to donate a big bag of clothes and stuff I don’t need.

It was weird because I was looking through clothes I hadn’t worn for at least a year and I realized I wasnt wearing them because I didn’t feel comfortable with myself, in my own body. Now I do! It was a weird feeling but also exciting because it was like rediscovering a tiny lost piece of myself. Cleaning my place makes me happy too because its a reminder that this home is mine😍

Anyway, I don’t know how much is true with all this “twin flame” stuff. There’s SOOOO much out there now, online.” One of the ideas I heard was that as you change, so does your twin. I just want us both to be on the same page, commiting to this love in the ways that we agree on, united.

Two winding roads, joining as one.😊

God bless & goodnight.


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