Kundalini Rising

Below is a video on the kundalini phenomenon.  Basically from what I’ve gathered, the term “kundalini” is the new age name for God energy or that life spark that activates our chakra system.

I wrestled with a principality called the Ego last night.  I saw its shadow in my room lurking behind me last night.  It was trying to remind me who is boss, but NO, it DOES NOT rule me anymore.  I refuse to let it. It whooped my ass so bad that I fell asleep for 12 hours.  I was literally fighting with it, going back and forth between my true, loving soul self and my ego self.  I was pushing my twin away as hard as I could and I watched a video on “giving up on your twin flame” and I sobbed.  I love him so much and I want him in my life and I just wanted all of the pain to STOP.  I needed God.  Ego was this HORRIBLE miasma of guilt, fury, anger, neglect, pain, disappointment and a bunch of other emotions the mind does not want to experience, so it pushed it all down and denied it, and compartmentalized it in these little boxes inside itself.

It’s “supposed” to stay there, but it cannot stay locked up there forever, because the SOUL that resides in (many, not ALL of) us here on Earth is about TRUTH and love and healing. So this miasma of PAIN BURSTS!!!! out, instead of coming out in increments such as in healthier situations. If we are not careful, we can spew this toxic s**t on our poor sweet twin flames.  Don’t do that!! 😦 My poor baby has been the recipient of that stuff waaay too many times.. 😦 You gotta find healthy ways to release this fury, I’d suggest INTENSE exercise like running, boxing, speed walking, swimming, being active, something that doesn’t hurt others and allows you to release all that pent up energy.

It hurts to admit it, but I never realized how deep, dark and UGLY my dark side is.. I never wanted to admit it to myself, but that THING called Ego is shady as ****.. It’s hideous and I don’t like it all.  Looking that thing in the face, I don’t like facing it.  I don’t like seeing that part of me. It’s everything inside of me that I have pushed down and rejected and never dealt with throughout my life.  It’s cruel, it’s “the asshole” as I name it.  The more I acknowledge that its there, the less power it has to have over me, though.  My twin flame and I have battled and continue to battle with this ego side of ourselves.  We really wrestle with it, as a lot of us do.  I never named it or paid attention to what it was until RECENTLY and how it has potential to destroy love.  When I act from ego, it’s like the Kali energy, it just destroys to make way for new things, but I want to keep so much in my life that makes me happy, especially my twin flame love.  My darling deals with a lot of negativity in his life and I think he is pulling a LOT of my negative junk out.  It’s a lot. 😦  I’m learning that LOVE is more powerful than anything on Earth, though.  It withstands everything that attacks it, it withstands time, it heals, it’s all POWERFUL.  My twin still loves me, even after everything I’ve put him through, which makes me sad because I know I’ve really hurt him, but there’s still hope for us.  Maybe not together as in a relationship, but certainly on an individual level, and who knows what could happen down the line.  I want to heal his pain and I want to be there for him and the only way I can do that is if I heal myself first.  I had denied so much in myself for so long, but lately I’m realizing that I am not only an empath, but I am a healer.  I think a lot of us are, especially women.  The power I have can be used for evil and has the potential to destroy and corrupt. I want to use this power for POSITIVITY and healing and CREATION.  There is enough destruction and darkness here on Earth, I want to be the light!!!!

Kundalini Energy 

I watched this video, which I’ll share below, that describes kundalini energy.  I must mention before I get into this phenomenon that I am first and foremost a Christian and I give all glory and honor to God and my Lord Jesus Christ.  I am still learning about all of this new age stuff, and I believe in God first, before any other beliefs and ideas surrounding that stuff.  The twin flame experience is pretty much the only new age stuff I believe in, with the exception of a few things like tarot and numerology.  I know there’s a LOT of truth out there sprinkled in a bunch of illusionary garbage, that’s why I remain a skeptic with a lot of the “spiritual stuff” out there.  I can only speak from my personal experience and do what works with me.

That said, I have experienced this “kundalini” energy as they call it.  Whenever I broke up with my twin I felt it surging through me.  It would feel like fire rushing through my entire body, burning me on fire from the inside and I would have to strip off all of my clothes and sleep naked because I would feel like I had an intense fever.  I also felt it a few times when my twin soul and I made love.  I would feel his energy merging with mine and it would move up through my body through each chakra until it reached my head and then it coursed through me through my mouth/eyes/third eye.  It felt like this whirlwind of power coursing through us, like a coil, vortex or a wormhole almost, but its a loving, healing energy. It’s VERY intense, so intense that both my twin and I were like “holy sh**!!” It’s like a body climax, it feels crazy intense. He was like “f***!!!!” and we both kind of looked at each other after climax like “what just happened??!!!”

This video described some similar things of what I felt when I was wrestling with ego, and I think the kundalini energy had something to do with my experience last night because I feel a WHOLE LOT better today after sleeping for so long and I feel “clear”.  I also need to get back into my exercise routine too because that is a BIG part of being balanced: eating right, exercise and energy work/healing.

Check out the video and see what resonates with you.  Take care and God bless!!!!

❤ ❤ ❤

2 thoughts on “Kundalini Rising

  1. My dearest sister in Christ, kundalini spirit is a demonic, serpent spirit; change your mind about it (repent/metanoia), cast the unclean spirit out, renounce the new age and occult teachings for they have some truth mixed with lies that negate the Truth, and be filled anew with Christ Jesus’ Holy Spirit and fire baptism that will burn root to branch all that is not Christ in you and form Christ within to grow up into His Head, train your senses to discern good from evil and heal your marriage. Jesus is the only pure flame, the spiritual marriage is with the Bridegroom and nothing else will heal, deliver and set you free. The serpent has bruised your heel, now let the seed of the woman (Jesus the Christ) CRUSH the head of the serpent that you let rise within you and be free to love without the hurt and pain.

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