Twin Flame Love in a Virtual Reality

I’ve been watching the show catfish on mtv/amazon/hulu


That show is a darkly fascinating look into the dangers of online dating and the psychology behind people pretending to be someone they’re not.

It’s pretty disturbing stuff, but it really brings to light how immersed  most of us are in our technology. Some people find it difficult to talk without texting and stay glued to their phones 24/7 as if their life depends on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the benefits of having a miniature computer always readily available, but sometimes it’s best to interact with others face to face and not just on a screen.

Most of the victims on catfish never even saw their catfish on video chat, which made the trainwreck that occurs even more gruesome to watch.

This one episode of a psycho stalker girl is making me cringe as I  type this.

Twin Flames and Tech

One thing I’ve learned from my millions of twin flame relationship mistakes ☹️ is that important conversations are better face to face. I really messed up by emotional-dumping a LOT on my poor twin flame and I didn’t realize that he wasn’t as fast a texter as me and did not like to write.

It would have been healthier for our relationship to talk in person where both of us could have been heard. Our communication just sucked overall.

One thing that catfish made me see, though, is humanity’s undying belief in true love. The show showed me that people are still willing to risk so much finding it, and even though many of them get hurt & disappointed, deep inside they still have faith that one day they’ll find it.

There was a twin flame couple on one of these catfish episodes. Of course they didn’t CALL it that, but it obviously was. I was beaming, it was so adorable watching it unfold. (Anyone who’s in a twin flame situation will be able to recognize which one I’m talking about)

There was also a twin flame couple on the show “Married At First Sight” and that couple is still together!!! So cute.. But I disgress.

I think if all of them can still believe in true love, maybe there’s still hope for me 😊.

In all honesty, I still love my twin flame at the atomic level. LOL Every tiny microscopic atom that makes me what I am loves him.

This love will never go away. So I’m not really sure what will happen now. So much is changing in the world before my eyes that I just want to be with the one person who makes eternity stand still.

I love him. I hope he forgives me and still has faith in us. I know I’ll be okay if we just move on, either way I finally believe myself when I say that I’ll always be okay.

It’s because I have faith in God and I have faith in myself. It’s also because I have faith in my twin and in humanity as a whole. We humans never cease to amaze and the Lord really astounds me with His grace. (Oops didn’t mean to rhyme there…lol) 😊


I hope that the phenomenon of catfishing will soon come to an end as people contiunue to awaken to the fakeness of this whole stupid matrix system.

It’s all just a fabricated reality to blind us from what is truly real: God’s love and the love we feel for each other, whether its our twin flame lovers, our soulmates, our parents, our friends, our neighbors, our pets.

I pray that people become more and more REAL, with themselves and each other and that everything that is fake, everything that is pretend and a lie will just fade away.

God bless & good evening.




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