Twin Flames: tenderhearted❤️

This guy named pocketsofthefuture on youtube is amazing. He’s been a great guide at this point in my spiritual journey. Check out his videos on cleansing spiritual “grossness” and heartful meditation.

He talks about how things we perceive as ‘negative’ can actually work to “pull” negative patterns/ energy from us and that God puts challenges and tribulations in our lives for a purpose. It feels like hell while it’s happening, but afterwards if you can look at your life objectively you can see what you learn from the experience, how you grow and how you get closer to God.

Today a little boy I work with, called disney’s Tiana character “ugly” because her skin is “dark”. I’ve worked with kids for most of my professional life and they can say and do some pretty cruel things. But hearing that made me tear up. To say that I was very upset is to put it mildly.

It hurt my heart.

Just knowing how our society is, his comment was a perfect reflection of what’s going on in this country – the racism, the hatred, the bigotry.

Even children can’t escape it.

And it hit me – twin flames and the concept of twins “reflecting” things back to us.. I thought of my twin flame who I haven’t seen in months.

Anyway, later on it turned out to be a fantastic day!

I came home and I was fine until I happened upon an old Britney Spears song (don’t judge me!!) called “Everytime”

It never freakin fails… I forget about that song. Then I’ll be perfectly fine until every few years I’ll randomly find that damn song and…I’m a mess.. It’s such a sad song AND video!

So I proceeded to beat myself up with sad songs… For a couple hours. Cuz I miss my twin flame and I just really needed to cry..


I could never hate that little boy for expressing himself, even if it was hateful, because he’s an innocent child, and it was obviously for a reason.

I feel that like this twin flame journey, some people come into your life to “pull” stuff out of us. I needed to let go of some stuff and after being triggered, it made me really feel my emotions and accept them.

*I don’t condone hatred of any kind. I HATE racism. I think there’s  just SOOO much going on in this 3 dimensional reality that we have to look at the big picture, not just the illusions we are fed… *

We are programmed to be so tough and seem so in control and cool when NO ONE IS. No one wants to be vulnerable and open because as a society we are so deeply traumatized by all the constant shock and violence.

When you go on this twin flame journey, our hearts are ripped from our chests to be raw and exposed. We become SO sensitive, we feel EVERYTHING! It’s so intense and exhausting. But it feels-so-good after being so numb for years. I was numb and a robot before I met my twin. I was just “existing”. I wasn’t appreciating God, even though I called myself a Christian.

Now I feel so much more WHOLE in myself. I still miss my twin with every ounce of my being. I sobbed tonight because I miss him so much. And I am thankful for that little boy for helping me to cry and let some stuff go.

I feel whole within myself, within God who shares this soul with me. I am part of God. I finally FEEL part of God.

My heart is so tender. It’s open, it’s  vulnerable, in my love for God and for my twin. They keep my soul shielded and safe.

My heart is tender and I’m learning so much.. So many lessons..

So despite the pain, which is guaranteed, and the doom & gloom of this world, I’m excited for tomorrow.

Whatever it brings.


I hope my love and I will be reunited soon..

❤ ❤ ❤

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