Twin Flame Tarot: The Kissing Cards

I am waiting to see my love..

I really miss him, it’s been a long while.

I’m getting better at this whole twin flame thing 🙂 I’m learning and growing.

Thanks to some tough lessons I had to learn and Alison Lessard’s videos – check her out on Youtube. Her videos on twin flames help a lot!!

I did a tarot reading to see how my twin love is doing.. And two cards were “stuck together” and rubbing up against each other like they were making out as I picked them up! I thought “wow, something’s definitely going on here, it’s probably he and I”

The cards were King of Pentacles and Queen of wands!! LOL Me and my sweet twin soul darling.

imageIt gave me a little laugh, I thought it was really cute ❤

I love him so much.. I just want to marry him and have his babies..

God willing..


Take care and stay strong on your twin journeys.


❤ ❤ ❤

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