Twin Flames: Psychic Sex (Warning Explicit Content)

I’ve been feeling kind of emotionally flat lately. Not empty, just flat and dull. I miss my twin soul and I just hadn’t felt really “passionate” about much lately.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and content about what is happening in my life.  I just had not felt that ZEST for life that I’ve been missing.

And…to be completely blunt- last night- I was very horny lol I’ve been trying my HARDEST to avoid porn. It has been something I was”relying” on since I have been celibate for a while since my twin separation. But I realized I was not really being “celibate” if I was using porn for sexual relief. Also, I felt personally that as a Christian I should not be using porn period, especially knowing what I know about the destructive and demonic porn industry and how it negative effects people psychologically & emotionally. It’s HARD though.. To not “get any” AND to do what I thought was “denying” myself of pleasure.  I had become almost dependent on porn and wanted to end the dependency as I had successfully stopped my near-addictions with weed and alcohol. My excuse for using porn was to have an outlet for all of my sexual energy but it wasn’t a positive one, nor was it healthy.

As part of a desire to connect with my twin flame sexually besides sending sexy texts or pictures, I wanted to try connecting with him psychically.

He and I have a STRONG psychic connection that I hope will only grow stronger.  He has been in MANY of my dreams and he has visited me once in his astral form and attempted to make love to me one night when I was lying in bed.  Well, to my EXCITEMENT, I experienced a new form of sex with him! Psychic sex.  I HIGHLY recommend anyone out there who is experiencing a separation with their twin soul to try this.  It takes some practice and concentration but ohhhhhhhh… Lol It is worth the effort.

To throw in my two cents:  I think more ALL adults should practice pleasuring themselves.  It would cut down on disease and pregnancy and puts less pressure on your partner to satisfy your needs.  Plus it just feels SO damn good hehehehehehe

Anyway, so I was lying in bed, and I love thinking about how my twin flame and I make love.  Not to brag, but our sex life is HOT.  I LOOOOOOOOOOVE making love with him, lol.  He gets an A+ for effort in bed, not just because he has SKILLS, but also because he is a Virgo and loves to pleasure me too and make sure I’m satisfied, which is AMAZING, because I had not really had that before.  Capricorns are pretty good about that too, but my sweet twin flame love is my FAVORITE and I would shout it from the rooftops that he is the best I’ve ever had in bed.  I was thinking about one of the really sexy things he says, which is.. Well, I can’t repeat it exactly..LOL it’s too naughty and I am blushing right now hehe But in a matter of terms, he says he wants us to climax together, which is OMG so hot to me and so sweet at the same time.  So I was thinking about that, already all hot and bothered at the thought of him (that’s another thing, he’s the ONLY man I’ve been with that gets me HOT AND BOTHERED just by being in his presence and smelling his smell and feeling his touch) and so I started “taking care of myself” so to speak.  I started consciously trying to connect with him psychically during this and last night was the second time I tried this.

OMG… It took a LOT of concentration for me to focus on pleasuring myself AND linking up to him psychically, but there came a point where I FELT him connected with me and I don’t know if he was pleasuring himself too (which would have been HELLLLLLA hot if he was, I kind of have a feeling he was because of what happened later) and I felt us connected and I just focused on saying his name in my mind and out loud and imagining us making love in a particular position that gets my rocks off and I was saying his name and saying how I wanted us to climax together like he was there making love with me and whew… It was an otherworldly experience.  I felt us as one at some point and time seemed to stand still.. It was like tuning into a certain frequency and I guess when a person is in that state between climaxing , they enter.. somewhere.. a spiritual realm, maybe? I don’t know where.. But apparently he was “there” with me.

Weird weird weird..

It was great though LOL.

I love my twin flame baby so so soooo sooo much and I feel so blessed about all the ways we connect even though we aren’t currently communicating.. well, with words lol.  This separation from him has made our bond STRONGER and has taught me so much about how twin flames/twin souls build their bonds during separations.  I love him SO much and I want him back with me in the physical and I feel that it will happen soon.  We “made up,” I told him I would no longer “break up” with him and that we will work on our communication once we reunite and I did a tarot spread and found that he was OVERJOYED and happy.

Today I did a quick tarot reading just to see if there was any sign, any indication of what had occurred last night LOL it was just too.. I don’t know.. I have no words for it.

Well… the tarot spread showed that he was feeling love, joy and blessings about our relationship and when I asked how he currently felt about me: it said “LUST, ENERGY, AND PASSION.”



❤ ❤ ❤





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