Twin Flame: Seattle Dream

I did a tarot reading on myself and my twin flame, just for a little more clarity on the situation with him and the feeling I got from the universe/God/spirit was like “C’MON, just let it go already!!! What’s meant to happen will happen.. Geez!!”  LOL!! While the readings totally made sense and made me feel reassured, I do feel like doing them was totally obsessive and overkill and so I will not be doing anymore tarot readings on myself or my twin flame.  I’m pretty self aware and I KNOW what’s going on in my life and why things are the way they are.  Therefore there were no surprises.. So when I was looking down at the cards I was like “Duh…” lol

I’m missing my twin flame love A LOT and I’ve been trying this weekend to keep positive thoughts on him.  Every reading I did on him, myself and us together as a couple kept saying things like positive changes and growth in our relationship, so I’m going to hold those thoughts in my mind and heart and hope and pray that those things come into fruition.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am READY for my twin flame love to come into my life and live with me and be with me.  Pure and simple.  I need him, I love him so much and I want him around me, his love, his energy, his smell, his essence.  I just need him and want him.  I want to hold him and kiss him and give him my love and heal him and feed him and give him what he wants and needs.

It’s clear that he is missing me BADLY just as I am missing him.  He has been in my dreams in full force.  In one dream he had visited me and we went on a trip to Seattle, Washington together.  It felt like the near future and his energy felt very calm, loving and warm.  His energy also felt more mature and secure and I think we were Xmas shopping downtown and just walking around.  I could smell the rain on the streets and the sky was overcast as it usually is in Seattle.  It was a very nice, vivid, calming dream, but it was a quick flash dream and it happened at night instead of early morning when my love usually visits me in dreams.

The next dream I don’t remember at all, all I know is that my love was by my side, just making me aware that he is and has been “around me” and misses me terribly.  The energy I felt from him was like he felt bad about how he’s acted towards me and he was timid and kind of shy in the dream.

I want him to feel safe and secure enough in our love to be completely himself and open and comfortable with me and I want him to come and live with me so he can feel more safe and secure.  He has expressed that moving in with a gf is a BIG DEAL to him and he is very old-fashioned, which is one of the many things I love about him.  Hey, he can always just PROPOSE to me, that would be fine too!!! Hehehehe 😉

I love him SOOOOO very much and I love seeing him in my dreams and I am ready to have him in my life, in the physical, PERMANENTLY.

My dear sweet love…

❤ ❤ ❤




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