Twin Flame Numerology

It is VERY important for you to get your twin flame astrological birth chart compatibility from Cafe Astrology, and while this is extremely helpful and will tell you a lot about how your relationship with your twin flame is likely to pan out, I also like to look up numerology life path numbers.  It just gives me a little more insight as to how me and my twin flame get along and things that might make life a little easier for us being together.  I looked up his and my life path numbers and I’ve shared a description below of our combination.  Yes, I admit it IS obsessive, but if you are in a twin flame situation like I am, you are already obsessed so it doesn’t matter 😉  Besides, looking up their numerology might be even more confirmation that you and your twin are meant to be together.

This is an excerpt from the Seventh Life Path website about my twin flame combination.

Life Path Compatibility: 5 and 7

This is a combination of two numbers that can fulfill each other’s needs and desires in many ways. The 7 enjoys its alone time, and the 5 is a busy body that appreciates the lack of demands for attention from its partner. When together, the pairing is able to find a stream of mutual interests to discuss and explore, particularly on the intellectual and spiritual planes, making this one of the best combinations for a long lasting relationship.

For me, this is more confirmation that he and I are meant to be together.. I just hope he will return to my life soon.  It has been a very hard almost six months… I feel like we are from the old days when men would sail away abroad on ships for months, leaving their loves behind.  They would communicate by letters, which is what I have done but I am currently giving him space, even though I really want to speak to him.  It is a true test of love to be apart for so long and to remain faithful and true.  I listen to 90’s R&B when I get ready for work in the morning, and a lot of these songs make me miss my twin flame so badly.. I’m okay most of the time, but when I hear these songs it brings tears to my eyes and makes me wonder if he misses me as much as I miss him…

Listen to this song and you will have a glimpse of how it feels to be apart from your twin flame love….

I miss him so much…

❤ ❤ ❤


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