Twin Flame : New Hope

I  had a tough weekend and I had to do some purging yesterday to get some emotional junk out. But I did some reading on twin flames and I’m feeling better and more hopeful. After all, I am the one who is responsible for the energy I am putting out into the universe and if I want my love to be in my life I need to change my energy accordingly. I think I have been fighting the energy work that I am supposed to be doing and that is very likely a big reason that I am not currently in contact with my twin flame sweetheart.

My twin flame showed up very briefly in my dream with his brothers and it made me think about what is really important.. I need to let go of the pain, anger and resentment I have been holding onto towards my love.  I admit that I have been the problem.  So many of our fights have been mirroring of what I need to work on and I allowed myself to get so angry and hurtful and HATEFUL towards my sweet angel baby love 😦 It was wrong and it wasn’t fair to him and it is not okay. I love him so much and I realize that our relationship is not like our past relationships. What we have is special and wonderful and I would not share this connection with any other man.  My twin flame is the one I love with all of my heart.

I tried calling my love last night because I thought he had blocked me and he has not.  Even when I was THE MEANEST, most cruel girlfriend to him, he never hurt me as bad as I hurt him and he has never blocked me.  He might ignore me but he has never blocked me or said really cruel things to me.  The ignoring part is some of him but it is mostly the twin flame stuff going on. I’ve realized that too and I’ve learned to not attack him about it because it is not his fault.

I vow and promise to no longer blame my love or hurt him purposely because I get angry at him.  It isn’t right and if I want the world to change, I have to start with myself.  I vow and promise to treat my love with unconditional love and bring peace and joy to our twin flame connection and I vow to let go of all past hurt, pain, anger and resentment.  I am releasing all of that as of today because more than anything I want my love in my life. I know he wants to be in my life.

🙂 I love him so much and he is the one I want to spend my life with… He is the love of my life, now and forever..

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